Air Transport

[ Air Transport ]

Air cargo transport to all airports worldwide

S.T.A SHIPPING, having contracts with all reputable airlines worldwide, can transport all your goods from the farthest points of the world to airports in Iran.

Airlines include Emirates (EK), Qatar (QR), Turkish (TK), Lufthansa (LH), Thai Airways (TG), Iran Air, and Mahan Air (W5).

The transit time for all the mentioned airlines is 1 to 3 days from the time of flight, and this international transport company proudly does not cooperate with airlines with transit times longer than the declared time.

Freight Airplane About - S.T.A SHIPPING

Pioneer in Air Transportation


The fastest transport mode

If you are looking for a fast way to send/receive your cargo, air transport is suitable for you.


High Safety

Contrary to some people’s perception, air transport is the safest mode of international transport.

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Easy Access

If there is an international airport at the origin and destination, you can send your cargo in the shortest time.


Suitable for Special Cases

Air transport is the best available option for transporting drugs, perishable goods, and urgent cargo.

[ Order proccess ]

Information Required for International Air Transport Order

  • A
    Place of loading and unloading

    Exact address of origin for EXW goods and the name of the destination airport

  • B
    Number of boxes or pallets

    Stackable/non-stackable cargo

  • C
    Size and weight of each box/pallet

    Exact size of the cargo, preferably in metric system

  • D
    Type of goods along with HS code

    Attaching MSDS if the goods are sensitive and hazardous

[ special service ]

Immediate warehouse receipt within 24 hours

S.T.A SHIPPING, with experienced staff at Imam Khomeini Airport, can receive warehouse receipts for customers who are in a hurry within 24 hours of arrival and unloading of the plane.