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Saeei Tarabar Arsham Shipping Agency Co (S.T.A SHIPPING), with the employment of skilled, experienced, and highly qualified personnel, provides all domestic/international transport services through sea (ocean), air, road, railway, transit, and other services including warehousing, insurance, packaging, inspection, customs clearance, etc. from Iran to the farthest corners of the world and vice versa.
Saeei Tarabar Arsham Shipping Agency Co (STA) honorably provides you various international and customs transportation services.

We hope, with your trust, the honor of starting cooperation with your esteemed company will be provided

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What We Do!

Maritime Transport

The best and most economical mode of transport for high-volume cargo.

Mass Railway Transport

Bulk transport with security and stability.

Road Transport

The most accessible and flexible mode of transport.

Air Transport

Main advantages include unparalleled speed and safety.

Customs Formalities

All administrative affairs and customs formalities performed by experienced specialists.


Reduce damages and secondary transportat costs with proper packaging.

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    Bulk Cargo

    Transportat of goods and raw materials in bulk using specialized ships.

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    Movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation, such as maritime, road, and railway

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    The most suitable way to transport small-volume cargo and loads less than a container.

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    An ideal shipping mode for those with full-container load.


What is NVOCC?

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is an ocean carrier by which large international shipping companies transport cargo with their own dedicated containers worldwide, relying on the vessels of big shipping companies. They rent different types of ships based on the type of cargo and services.
Many of the world’s shipping companies are of the NVOCC type and rely on their own containers as well as the vessels of big shipping companies for transportation services.
This shipping mode has significant advantages, including using the financial power of big shipping companies and thus reducing transportation risks.

S.T.A SHIPPING is a pioneer in NVOCC cargo transport in the country, possessing a wide range of available container types.
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