Maritime Transport

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[ Maritime Transport ]

Maritime transport is our specialty.

S.T.A SHIPPING, an international maritime transport co., provides services in Full Container Load (FCL), Less-than-Container Load (LCL), and break-bulk cargo with the best shipping lines from all ports worldwide (e.g., China, Korea, Taiwan, India, Germany, and the Netherlands) to all ports in Iran, providing the best possible services to valued customers.

With experienced and professional representatives worldwide, this company transports your cargo to all customs and ports in Iran and even worldwide in the fastest time and at the lowest price.


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Maritime Transport

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    حمل کالا و مواد اولیه در حجم انبوه از طریق کشتی‌های مخصوص

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    حمل و نقل با استفاده از تمامی روش‌ها از جمله دریایی، زمینی و ریلی

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    مناسب‌ترین راه حمل و نقل برای خرده بار و محموله‌های کمتر از یک کانتینر

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    روشی ایده‌آل برای کسانی که بار در حد یک کانتینر کامل دارند.

Tracking cargo
Supply Chain
Worldwide Shipping
Low Costs
Passing customs
Carrying Stability
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  •  (Container Ships)
  •  (Bulk Vessels)
  • حمل با کشتی مخزن دار
  • حمل دریایی با کشتی بارج یا دوبه (کرجی)
  • (Break Bulk)
  • High capacity for transporting various types of bulk, hazardous, and perishable goods
  • Affordable (especially for break-bulk cargo)
  • Extensive geographical coverage (no need to transit through intermediary countries)
  • High security
  • Mechanized and standardized (no need for complex infrastructure)

The cost of maritime transport and inquiring about its prices depend on various factors such as volume, weight, size, type of vessel, containerization, groupage, chartering, etc.

  • Type of cargo and packaging form
  • Place of origin and destination
  • Customs and warehousing costs
  • Cargo insurance

What is NVOCC?

Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) is an ocean carrier by which large international shipping companies transport cargo with their own dedicated containers worldwide, relying on the vessels of big shipping companies. They rent different types of ships based on the type of cargo and services. Many of the world’s shipping companies are of the NVOCC type and rely on their own containers as well as the vessels of big shipping companies for transportation services. This shipping mode has significant advantages, including using the financial power of big shipping companies and thus reducing transportation risks.
S.T.A SHIPPING is a pioneer in NVOCC cargo transport in the country, possessing a wide range of available container types.
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We have a global network of offices, and relying on the knowledge of our specialists and managers, we can handle shipments of various sizes worldwide. Just contact us.