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S.T.A SHIPPING carries out road transport in the form of Full Truck Load (FTL), Less than Truck Load (LTL – Groupage), and Bulk Cargo by special trailers and trucks from all European countries and Turkey to all customs in the country.

The fastest and most cost-effective international transit with Iranian and foreign trucks, according to customers’ requests, is carried out from all over the world to all the country’s customs offices.


Transport in the form of full-truck load


Groupage transport (less than full-truck load)

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The importance of loading in road transport

As one of the main stages of international transport, proper loading is a set of operations during which goods are loaded onto transport vehicles from the origin.

This process can vary depending on the type, material, and packaging form. Loading is rarely done manually and, in most cases, is done using automated systems.

The most crucial goal of proper loading is the safe transfer of cargo in accordance with relevant standards and regulations. This process requires accurate weighing, compliance with the basic principles of transportation and packaging, labelling, and care of goods.

Proper loading can reduce initial and secondary transport costs and prevent risks such as vehicle overturning due to excessive cargo.

[ Road Transport ]

Necessary information

  • 1
    Place of loading & discharge

    The exact address in origin for EXW cargoes and the name of harborage in the origin country for FCA cargoes

  • 2
    Specifying clearly the number of cartons or palettes

    stackable or non-stackable

  • 3
    Proportions and weight of each carton or palette

    Preferably in Centimeter , otherwise another Measuring Unit should be announced

  • 4
    Number of trucks or lorries


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